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IPL – Intense Pulsed Light

What Is IPL?

IPL is an acronym for Intense Pulsed Light.

Advanced IPL photo-rejuvenation technology is a treatment that utilizes multiple wavelengths of light. IPL is used to reduce red and brown discolorations, in addition it will also stimulate collagen remodeling, reduce acne and shrink pores – all of which lead to smoother, healthier looking skin with overall improved tone.

At Cascade Aesthetics, we use a state-of-the-art device – the Lumenis M22 IPL – with multiple pulsed-light wavelength filters, enabling us to target multiple colors. As opposed to cheaper quality devices, our device provides the widest setting parameters and unmatched treatment customization levels available.

What Are The Results Of IPL?

IPL can produce amazing results quickly after only a single treatment, but we see overall skin improvements with a series of treatments. For more severe conditions or concerns (significant sun damage, areas with multiple vessels, etc.), we may recommend several treatments to produce desired results.

To ensure lasting results, we will develop your customized skin-care regimen, which may include maintenance treatments and the use of medical-grade skincare products.

What Does IPL Treat?

  • Age spots, sun damage and freckles
  • Acne and enlarged pores
  • Rosacea and skin redness
  • Spider veins and broken capillaries
  • Skin discolorations
  • Abnormally discolored scars
  • Melasma, pregnancy mask and hormonal hyperpigmentation
  • Port wine stains and other common birthmarks
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